Relaxing massage with finale Sensual Nuru - all in version

Erotic massage with finale Sensual Nuru is a premium offer for gentlemen who do not like to compromise and want the best. Sensual all-in massage includes all the favorite elements of the massages offered at Winks Massage salon in Wroclaw. It is based on the principles of classic Nuru erotic massage , to which it adds further electrifying stimuli like layers to a delicious cake. And this cake is all for you!
What is the Sensual Nuru erotic massage at Winks Massage in Wroclaw?
The sensual ritual Sensual Nuru - similar to the classic Nuru - is a holistic massage, a body to body massage. This means that the masseuse chosen by the client massages, strokes and caresses his body with her entire body: hands, legs, breasts, abdomen. Another part of the ritual is the element of Passionate Nuri massage, that is, caressing the intimate parts of the man's body with his hands in the 69 position. The client can look at the woman's Yoni, stroke it from the outside with his fingers, touch the whole body of the masseuse, or relax with his eyes closed. He can also switch roles with the masseuse and massage her!
Massage with a premium finale - how does Sensual Nuru end?
The Sensual Nuru finale massage, however, does not end at the massage site. The final stage of the ritual is a joint shower between a woman and a man, through which they can say goodbye to each other's bodies until their next meeting, rinsing off each other's gel, sweat and the heat of passion. The gel is unscented, non-allergenic and does not leave traces on clothes, so when you leave the land of unique sensations, which is the Winks Massage salon in Wroclaw, you will leave everything behind. Just remember to come back!