Intimate massage price list - Winks Massage Wrocław

Get to know the massage price list in the Winks Massage salon.
Massage prices
Nuri Nuri
Passionate Nuri
Lomi Lomi
Four hands
0.5 h
170 zł
250 zł
180 zł
170 zł
2 x 0.5 h*
1 h
250 zł
350 zł
400 zł
210 zł
2 x 1 h*
1.5 h
350 zł
550 zł
600 zł
2 x 1.5 h*
2 h
500 zł
700 zł
800 zł
2 x 2 h*
* zależne od rodzaju masażu
Gift vouchers
You can buy gift vouchers in the Winks Massage salon. The cost of the voucher is equal to the value of the selected massage - it depends on the type and duration of the session. Note: The massage gift voucher is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Please ask the salon staff for vouchers.
We approach each of our clients individually. On special request, we will prepare a salon for a special event such as a bachelor party or birthday party. For the possibility of booking the parlor for your event, please ask the staff.