Full body-to-body Nuru massage

Nuru is a holistic massage, also known as body-to-body massage. Thanks to it, you will relax after a day of work or in times of increased stress. It is a massage with the finale that you will not forget about quickly - after leaving the Winks massage parlor you will feel relaxed and full of strength.
What makes body-to-body Nuru massage so different
Manual Nuru massage is performed with the whole body. Before the session, you take a shower and then lie down on a comfortable Nuru mattress. It resembles a water mattress, thanks to which it naturally adjusts to the shape of your body. A sensual body-to-body massage at the Winks salon is performed with a pleasant, sticky, and slippery gel. It will be heated, but gently - it won't burn your skin. The gel has no smell or color and does not cause allergies.
How the Nuru massage looks like
The full Nuru massage at the Winks salon is similar to Nuri Nuri massage . The difference is the accessories: gel and mattress. The pleasure can last for half an hour, but also an hour, one and a half or two - if you prefer. When the masseuse gives a body-to-body massage with her naked body, you can hug, stroke, or massage her. You will learn the rules right before the appointment.