How to prepare for an intimate massage at Winks Massage?

We take preparation for a massage in the Winks Massage salon very seriously. On our part, hygiene during the session is maintained at the highest level.
What to take for an intimate massage?
Each massage room in the Winks Massage salon is equipped with a shower. Clients have at their disposal clean towels (bath and feet), shower gels (e.g., for intimate hygiene), a washing sponge, antiperspirants, and disposable slippers. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about preparing for a massage - everything you need will be there. In addition, we use sterile disposable non-woven fabrics for each massage.
Preparation for massage - what is worth knowing?
At Winks Massage, we take care of the preparation for massage on all levels. We made sure that you relaxed during the session with the masseuse thanks to the appropriate, intimate atmosphere. Each room has audio equipment, an original lighting system, and a set of aromatic candles. By contemplating the pleasure of touch, sound, and atmospheric light, you will get rid of negative emotions and stress.
Due to the decreasing restrictions on quarantine resulting from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to open a massage salon for you. At the same time, we have introduced the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of contamination. In our salon, right at the entrance, you will find hand disinfectants, and in the rooms disposable masks (we leave the decision to put them on to our clients).
For the sake of your life and health, we use modern bactericidal and virucidal lamps, with which we illuminate the room after the departure of each client. In addition, we disinfect the room in the traditional way. This means that the waiting time for a massage may be slightly longer. Thank you for understanding.
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