Passionate Nuri - massage without clothes and inhibitions

If you associate the word passion with moments of bliss, endless pleasure, and relaxing ecstasy, you've come to the right place. A completely new massage, unique in other salons, has appeared in our offer. Passionate Nuri is a proposition for men who massages Nuri Nuri or Nuru already know by heart and want an interesting, exciting change. It is also an offer for those who have not used a massage without clothes before and want to start their sensual adventure with a bang.
What distinguishes the Passionate Nuri erotic massage?
In classic erotic massage - for example, nude massages available in the Winks salon offer - the masseuse touches a man everywhere, even where only the wildest erotic fantasies reach! However, the client passively submits to a sensual massage with the whole body or hands and observes her work from a slight distance. It is entirely different in the erotic Passionate Nuri massage. Here, it gets really hot during a relaxation session, and the masseuse takes much bolder poses. You can count on fulfillment with a beautiful view of a woman's Yoni, and even touch her intimate area - gently, from the outside. You will have it closer than ever. So if you expect even stronger sensations and blissful feelings, Passionate Nuri is for you!
Make an appointment for a sensual body massage of Passionate Nuri at Winks!
Make an appointment for a Passionate Nuri erotic massage by calling us and making an appointment. You can decide for yourself which masseuse will take care of you in a private room. Dimmed light, lit candles, olive oil, and pleasant music will be waiting for you there. Before and after, you can take a shower to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Call as soon as possible so that your favorite masseuse will not be booked by someone else, equally eager for the pleasure of a massage!