Relaxing massage for four hands

A session with a masseuse in the Winks salon is an unforgettable experience you want to come back to forever. What if a relaxing massage was performed with an additional masseuse? Imagine massaging your body with two other bodies. The touch of the skin, the warmth of the oil, stress, and bad emotions going away in the blink of an eye... It will be a massage with an end that you will not forget!
What is a four-hand relaxing massage?
A four-hand body massage involves caressing your naked body with the bodies of two masseuses. If you want, you can hug them, hug them, or stroke them - you will learn the rules of the Winks salon before the start of the screening. You will relax in the candlelight and with subtle relaxing music.
What body massage at Winks salon can you choose?
A four-hand relaxation massage in the Winks salon offers a choice of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage or Nuri Nuri massage . The difference is that during a typical session, you are alone with a selected masseuse, while a four-hand relaxing massage gives you the care of two masseuses. The pleasure may take anywhere from half an hour to two hours.