Nice nude Nuri Nuri massage for men

Are you interested in a relaxing massage for men? If so, Nuri Nuri is for you. It is a sensual massage with professional oil. The emulsion is colorless and odorless, so there is no risk of allergy. For your pleasure, we offer a heated olive massage in the Winks salon. It can be half an hour, an hour, an hour and a half, or two. You decide how much you want to move to the sensual land of Nuri Nuri.
Choose the Nuri Nuri massage for men.
Nuri Nuri oil massage in the Winks salon is a nude massage - both you and the masseuse undress. You experience the soothing touch of her hands, forearms, stomach, and breasts. Nude massage takes place without feet. If you want, you can hug or stroke the masseuse during this unusual massage for men. Nuri Nuri nude massage is a massage with the finale that you will enjoy at every stage of the session.
How is the Nuri Nuri nude massage performed?
During the Nuri Nuri nude massage, you lie on a standard gymnastic mattress lined with a pleasant touch sheet and disposable fleece. Before and after the screening, you take a shower in a private cabin - it will last as long as you need. Before the sensual Nuri Nuri massage for men, you will learn the rules of the Winks salon.