An intimate Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

For men looking for a golden mean between a massage with the whole naked body and a classic massage in clothes, we have prepared a unique Lomi Lomi massage. Here, during the session, only you undress completely. The masseuse touches your body with her hands, forearms. Massage with the final in the Winks salon will allow you to relax and forget about your worries.
Lomi Lomi massage Wrocław - relax in the Winks salon
The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is performed on a standard gymnastic mattress, covered with a sheet pleasant to the touch and a disposable flagellum. This is a massage with a special natural massage oil. To make the masseuse's touch as pleasant as possible for you, we gently heat the oil during the Lomi Lomi massage in the Winks salon.
What is a Lomi Lomi massage, and how does it proceed?
The Lomi Lomi massage performed in the Winks salon is an oriental Hawaiian massage. The masseuse does not completely undress, so the session turns into a game of senses and mystery. You cannot hug her or stroke her - your role is to remain a passive recipient of overwhelming pleasure. Let yourself feel it in every cell of your body. Massage with the final will fill you with energy with which you will be ready to face the greatest challenges.