Chocolate massage - body massage bathed in aromatic chocolate

Do you dream of a chocolate massage that will affect all your senses at the same time? We will fulfill your desires in the Winks parlor. Especially for men who love chocolate massage alone with a masseuse, we have prepared this session. Realize your fantasies and arrange a massage with the finale with the scent of sweet cocoa beans.
Seasonal chocolate massage in Wrocław - at the Winks Massage
Chocolate massage in the Winks salon is a seasonal session, available only in autumn and winter. It is made with a special chocolate oil that does not turn into a shell, does not solidify or crumble due to its composition. Throughout the hot chocolate massage, the oil remains slippery and fluid, which makes it easier for the masseuse to caress your body and for you to experience a pleasure.
How does a hot chocolate massage look like?
Chocolate massage performed seasonally in the Winks salon is a body massage - you and the masseuse are naked. You lie down on a comfortable gymnastic mattress, covered with a sheet and disposable fleece - just like in Nuri Nuri massage .
Chocolate massage or ritual?
A hot chocolate massage at Winks is more than just a massage: it's an actual ritual. During the session, you receive a sweet treat: chocolate, bars, or pralines. When the massage with the finale is over, the masseuse will wash you with a special sponge so that you do not have to worry that the remnants of chocolate oil will stain your clothes.