What is erotic massage? Nuru, Nuri Nuri and other types

Erotic massage salon in Wrocław Winks Massage offers sensual, unforgettable erotic massage for men. Our offer includes Nuru massage, Nuri Nuri massage, and others - Passionate Nuri or Lingam. What is the difference between erotic massages performed by our specialists in Wrocław? What can you expect when booking a tantric massage appointment? Discover all dimensions of pleasure!
Erotic massage in Wrocław - common features
Erotic massage at Winks Massage is a massage for men. Regardless of the type, it is performed by a naked masseuse - sometimes entirely (Nuri Nuri massage or Nuru massage), sometimes partially (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage). Before starting the sensual procedure, the man goes to the shower, where a disposable washing liquid and a fresh, disinfected towel await him. After getting ready, he returns to a private room with an intimate, sensual atmosphere. Here, a previously selected specialist is waiting for him, ready to start the erotic massage.
Depending on the type, erotic massage is performed with oil, olive, or gel. The agent is usually odorless and hypoallergenic, thanks to which the man will not get allergic after the pleasure session. How long does an erotic massage itself take at Winks Massage? As much as you want. Maybe an hour, maybe two. Massage for men ends with fulfillment, after which the gentleman can take a shower again. The oil rinses off easily, so it won't leave any traces on your clothes.
Nuri Nuri - massage for demanding men
The most popular and fulfilling massage is Nuri Nuri massage . At Winks Massage, we make it with olive, coconut oil, or a substitute. In summer and spring, the substance is pleasant to the touch at room temperature. In autumn and winter - at your request - we can heat it up, which will only enhance your experience. During the Nuri Nuri massage, you are both naked: both you and the masseuse. She massages you with her hands, forearms, and even the abdomen and breasts. You can hug her if you want.
Nuru - erotic massage with a gel: cool or warm
Another massage - Nuru - is a sensual variation on the theme of Nuri Nuri massage. , performed in Wrocław, has something that makes men return to it regularly. What is this "something"? First of all, the client's close contact with the masseuse. Nuru massage is a typical full body massage (or: body-to-body massage), in which a girl of your choice massages you with the whole body. She runs her hands, breasts, and thighs over you, and there is only one barrier between you: a thin layer of gel. If you want, the masseuse from Winks Massage can heat it up beforehand. You can probably guess the final - it's very enjoyable!
Passionate Nuri - body-to-body massage, only at Winks Massage
If you know and appreciate tantric massage or have had the opportunity to experience an erotic massage for couples that you remember well, Passionate Nuri is a proposition for you. This massage is a special offer from our massage parlor in Wrocław. Nuri differs from the classic Nuri by the boldness of the masseuse, who this time takes on much bolder poses, and you are closer to her than ever. Imagine a scalp massage that rests comfortably between the specialist's thighs. And that's just one of the possibilities! You will experience the rest in person by going to an erotic massage at Winks Massage in Wrocław.
Lingam Massage - tantric massage in Wrocław
By far, the most unique type of erotic massage is Lingam Massage . Under this name, in an erotic massage salon in Wrocław, there is an unforgettable session of pleasure, during which the masseuse focuses on one area of the male body - you will definitely know which one. This ensures that the pleasure does not blur or spread to other spheres. It is stronger, condensed, and accumulated in the center of the body. This type of erotic massage is for men who know what they want and like to choose simple paths to achieve their goals.
An additional offer of an erotic massage salon in Wrocław
You have already learned about the main types of erotic massage at Winks Massage. But it doesn't stop there. An erotic massage salon in Wrocław offers additional, sometimes seasonal, body pleasures. Belong to them:
  • erotic massage for 4 hands - this is a Nuri Nuri massage or a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, except that two masseuses go with you to a private room. An adult session for two turns into a fantastic adventure for three participants,
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi - is a unique erotic massage at Winks Massage, which is especially liked by men who like a note of mystery. The masseuse is not completely undressed, but only in the upper part. Massages you with your hands and breasts, which provides a unique experience,
  • relaxing massage with hot chocolate - in the cold season, men who are hungry for additional stimuli are offered no longer an erotic massage, but a real sensual ceremony. Chocolate massage involves the use of special chocolate oil. The masseuse, traditionally, remains naked. Just like you. During the ritual, she also pampers you from the inside, serving delicious chocolates, pralines, and other chocolate delicacies.