Massage for health - erotic warming massage like no other!

In autumn and winter, as well as in times of increased stress, a warming massage can be beneficial for your health. It can warm up both with warm massage oil and movements performed by a specialist - squeezing, kneading, rubbing the skin. But not only! Health massage is also erotic massage. Here, apart from the oil and the touch, it warms up much, much more. Get to know this type of health massage and make an appointment at Winks Massage!
Erotic health massage - for stress and bad mood
Stimulating and relaxing erotic massage can be treated as a health massage. If you value sex or other types of sexual contact, you know how such experiences perfectly work against stress, problems in everyday life, being overwhelmed by work, or other matters. Erotic health massage allows you to disconnect from life for a moment and forget about everything. To be here and now, to put a wall between yourself and stress. Of course, the fact that erotic massage is a full body massage is no less important. Stress and everyday problems are deposited in the muscles, and massaging them properly brings real physical relief. After a session of erotic health massage, you feel better both physically and mentally.
Health prophylactic massage - for fall and winter
In autumn and winter, it is not difficult to catch a cold or even the flu. Reduced immunity is an open gate for viruses and bacteria. To make matters worse, large cities - such as Wrocław, where the Winks Massage erotic massage salon is located - are a cluster of disease particles. You can take care of yourself preventively by closing the gate against viruses and bacteria. Erotic prophylactic massage brings the benefits that we described in the previous paragraph. You don't have to feel stressed or chilled to take advantage of its benefits. A prophylactic health massage will prevent the disease from developing at all. (Of course, it is also worth implementing other preventive solutions: eat warming dishes or dress warmly).
Relaxing warming massage - massage with oil or gel
If you need a decent relaxing massage, you can sign up for a warming massage. In the erotic massage salon in Wrocław, we offer three types of warming massage:
  • Nuri Nuri massage - it is a massage with an olive warmed up just before the warming session,
  • Nuru massage - a warming massage with a gel of increased temperature,
  • hot chocolate massage - erotic massage from the special Winks Massage offer, available only in autumn and winter. It is an unforgettable massage with chocolate olive heated to a temperature pleasant for the body.
  • Of course, all our erotic massages warm up the body and ignite the senses. If you want to broaden your experience in this field, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full offer: erotic massage Wrocław .
    Hot chocolate massage - Winks Massage Wrocław
    Chocolate massage available in an erotic massage salon in Wrocław is a combination of three pleasures. First of all, it is a classic massage for men (body-to-body massage), in which you will experience fulfillment and thanks to which you will relax as much as possible. Secondly, as with any massage health befits, you will feel better physically - the stress in your body will be forgotten. And finally, thirdly, a chocolate massage in Wrocław will provide you with a real chocolate ceremony. While receiving it, you will not only be given an external chocolate massage but also an internal delight: you will treat a delicious sweet in the form of pralines, bars, or chocolate bars. At your request, we can transform a classic massage with chocolate into a hot chocolate massage, by heating the oil beforehand. Let us know what temperature ignites your senses the most!
    We invite you to warming health massages, sensual erotic massages in Wrocław. Regardless of whether you are a resident of Wrocław or you came here passing through, in the erotic massage salon Winks Massage we will welcome you with joy. And we will release you only when you feel blissfully relaxed!